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Guest Post from Arcadian Lighting!!!!

Today we have a guest post from Jessica, a writer from Arcadian Lighting. She has put together some amazing beachy images for you guys that I am so excited to share! Enjoy!! xox

Hi there! I’m Jessica from Arcadian Lighting, a blog and website all about the latest interior design trends, while also providing a wide selection of lighting fixtures for any room in your home. I’m delighted to be guest posting on Two Berti’s because I’m going to be sharing some very cool and casual coastal interiors that also have a cozy, winter feel. Even though the holidays have passed, there’s no reason why a few festive, wintery adornments shouldn’t stick around throughout the season. Enjoy!

Coastal Winter

I love the mini wreaths in the window of this gorgeous all-white living room. The crystal ship light fixture is stunning and adds to the decidedly dreamy theme of the room.

Coastal Winter

A string of twinkling lights and an anchor pattern made of iridescent buttons give this living room vignette a festive feel. The cozy white blanket ensure that this is a warm spot to cuddle up and read a book.

Coastal Winter

This lovely coastal bedroom features a sand star garland along the bedframe, a sparkly mini Christmas tree on the nightstand, and†ceiling lights†complementing the rustic wood boards. Subtle pops of light blue are just right for a wintery seaside feel.

Coastal Winter

This sunny, beachy entryway shows off a fun, winter-inspired decoration. The star fish wreath naturally creates a snowflake-like appearance just right for the colder season.

Coastal Winter

The candy cane inspired colors in this vintage beach house bedroom are so cozy and inviting. It’s a more subtle way to decorate for the wintertime.

Coastal Winter

I love the simplicity of this arrangement of bare branches and matching silver ornaments. The baubles within the jar fit in with the types of†lamps†that have a similar textures and shapes.

Coastal Winter

This staircase features a clever use of fresh green garland, a weathered manila rope and sea stars, creating the perfect blend of winter and seaside decorations. So charming!

Coastal Winter

The bright blue, yellow and white patterns in this relaxing living room are very beach-inspired. But the wreaths made of fallen leaves wonderfully indicate the time of year in a traditional winter symbol.†Images†1†|†2†|†3†|†4†|†5†|†6†|†7†|†8

What do you think of these vintage coastal rooms with wintery accents? For more seasonal interior design ideas and a wonderful array of light fixtures, stop by Arcadian Lighting!


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