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Bedroom SWAP!

Okay so currently we are in the middle of finishing our powder room on the main floor (just need to hang our new light & mirror :)) – you might remember I did a post a little while ago with my thoughts and plans click here if you missed it — Bathroom Reno?

We have three bedrooms: one master – one that we have converted into an office – and one spare bedroom for guests with a bed (oh and Griffy likes to sleep in there too hehe). My soon to be sister in-law just offered us an extra queen bed!! Which is awesome, because I don’t think you could have too much sleeping room. However, now we have to do a little reconfiguring! Poor Adam, the projects never end for him… haha

So this is my thought…. I am going to move the computer desk & bookcase into the bigger spare bedroom. And then move the bed off to the corner and make it more of a daybed. Then I am going to paint the current office a really light colour and keep everything clean & fresh looking for our future guests with the new bed πŸ™‚

We will call one bedroom the “Office/DEN” & the second bedroom the “Guest Room”….

BEDROOM #1 Office/Den inspiration:

This picture below is actually the exact same grey we have in the room πŸ™‚ And I am going to keep it…


We currently have your regular run of the mill black computer chair – Yup, we’re changing it! I am going to cover it πŸ™‚ see this post on how to re-upholster a computer chair http://www.howjoyful.com/2011/08/desk-chair-transformation/

Turn the bed into a DAY BED/ Couch area…






And I realllllllly want to put this on the wall …… Just need to find the letters!


I guess I better get to work!!



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