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Basement Makeover

I think everyone knows what it’s like to be “20 something” and just starting out. You are moving out on your own (not a dorm but a REAL apartment or REAL house) and you are starting out in your career. Which means (especially now a days) you are running on very little cash – this is because you are paying all your bills AND you are trying to fix up your new digs 🙂 I got a request from someone just like myself that is “starting out” in their new home. They just moved in and are trying to re-do an older home all at once. This makes things especially hard because you are having to fix up an entire house all at the same time. So they have asked for a couple suggestions for their basement…… I think they have a great starting point (no walls to rip down, they can manage with the floor and it’s a reasonable size).

I think this basement needs two things – to be Lighter & Brighter!!

Here are my thoughts for paint….

Here is the bright white wainscoting & gray walls….


Let’s start with the basics. They have laminate flooring which they want to remove and replace with carpet. However, from the pictures it doesn’t look all that bad so I would save some money and not replace the floor and just put down a really nice & natural area rug.

Something along the lines of this from pottery barn…


And here is the staircase, I suggest to paint all the trim & railing white – kind of like below…..

And the door to the laundry room REALLY needs some TLC. I have two ideas for this – One being let’s paint it 🙂 and the second being let’s replace it with either a really fun fabric as a curtain OR a new door!

Home Depot has a nice Bi-fold Saddle Door for $57

And here is a little inspiration for the room…

Here’s a few things that will brighten up the space….

  1.  Strip Throw http://www.westelm.com
  2. Porcelain Hurricane Lights http://www.westelm.com
  3. Free Trade Pouf http://www.urbanoutfitters.com
  4. Bookcase http://www.ikea.com
  5. Glass Jar Pendants http://www.westelm.com

They have some things to start with such as Couch, Tv stand & coffee table – but to fill the rest of the room IKEA is a great place to get furniture & Accessories that are nice AND cheap!!!

Side Table $10

Comfy Chair that multiple pieces turn into a couch! $250

Hope this helps 🙂 Excited to see the finished product!!!



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