80’s Kitchen Dilemma

15 Jan

The dreaded 80’s Kitchen is always a pain, and at first it seems like there is no hope but to replace all the cabinets. However, that is not the case!!!

I have a friend stuck in a rut with her old 80’s Kitchen… She has redone most the house and it looks gorgeous, but she has not yet tackled the kitchen. They are selling soon so she only wants to update it using the least amount of money.

OPTION ONE: paint the entire cabinet the same colour including the wood handle & add new hardware $



So what did they do you ask?

First, prime the brown handle and then paint the entire cabinets a bright white. Remember to do 2 coats! For this exact look you will need to purchase long stainless steel handles from IKEA or Home Depot, where ever you find a better price. Careful, when installing, make sure you measure correctly so your handle is not too low.


Check out this $60 update to an 80’s styled Galley Kitchen http://circadee.com


OPTION TWO: Take off he wood piece handle & add trim $$

Now for those of you with these 80’s kitchen cabinets but you are planning on staying in your home & don’t want to just paint over the brown wooden handle. You could take a more drastic step by actually taking off the wood piece and adding trim to each cupboard door. You can find step by step instructions over at http://www.frugalfixer.com

Here is a Before & After of her cabinets….

OPTION THREE: Replace each front cabinet door $$$

Over at http://craftyland.blogspot.com they redid the cabinet and a majority of the kitchen and it looks BEAUTIFUL!!



Hope this helps 🙂 the 80’s have got to go!!



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