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Creating a Home Gym

Adam & I are currently working on turning half our garage into a home gym. We are both pretty excited about it because not only will it be so much easier to fit into our busy schedules but we will save money from those damn gym memberships!

This gym is going to be pretty cost efficient because we have lucked out with some free equipment. I am taking a treadmill from my parents house and we already have a stationary bike in our basement. We also have some free weights & exercise bands. Oh & my good friend Stacey just told me she has an elliptical that isn’t being used and she would donate to us!! So excited!!!!

We are going to start by putting down durable rubber mats that are designed to take a beating from heavy weights. At first I thought I had found an amazing deal at the Treadmill Factory. $39 for 6 squares

AND THEN, I stopped in at Winners today and they had the same mats – but $16 for a pack of 6!!!! I was sooo happy! I bought 3 packs but I need to go back tomorrow and get a 4th… here is a pic from our garage so far….

And we bought a universal strength training home gym for $400 from Direct Buy!


It comes with all the weights, Lat pull down, Leg curl foam rollers!


Here are some examples of gym areas in the garage or basement….



I am thinking about maybe painting one of the walls with chalk board paint so I can track my progress and put my workouts up there from my trainer!

And then it could become my Vision/Motivational board as well 🙂


We just need to find a big mirror now, for cheap… maybe Value Village? I will have to go on a hunt

We are putting all the rest together tomorrow, so I will post some before & after pics 🙂

Have a great Weekend!!!!



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