My Poor Pup……

We adopted my dog Griffin over 2 years ago from a family that couldn’t keep him any longer. The dad ended up having an allergy to dogs (even though Griffin is a Golden Doodle & hypoallergenic). He was about 8 months at the time and his owners made him live outside in a little dog house. When we first brought Griffin home we realized quickly he had a phobia of the stairs. He wouldn’t go near them! And of course with Adam & I being huge sucks we wanted him in our room with us @ night. He got more friendly with stairs when we would visit my parents because he would watch their dog run up and down. Plus they have carpet – we have hardwood (very slippery). Anyways, Griffin over time became fine with it, until recently.

He got a little too excited over the weekend and took a slip down the stairs on his belly. Now he is TERRIFIED of going down the stairs. However, he can go up like nobody’s business! Especially when going to cuddle in bed with mommy & daddy. Well this morning I wake up and as I am getting ready for work he is CRYING because he can’t get down. After 20 minutes of trying to use positive reinforcement and coax him down with treats, I finally give up because I was running late for work. I had to carry my 90lb Doodle down the stairs with his paws flailing around… lol.. it was quite the site.

Now we are trying to get him used to going down the stairs again, but my o my this dog is stubborn….

Anybody got experience with this? Any Suggestions would be great!! lol…



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