Having Fun with Wallpaper

1 Jan

Wallpaper….. is back?

I think Wallpaper can be used, if used wisely. I think it is great for small spaces or as an accent wall. My favorite time it is used is when a neutral wallpaper almost blends in with the walls around it, yet adds character to the room.

LOOOOOOVE the birch tree wallpaper…. I have been searching for a small spot in my house to use it!! I just haven’t decided where yet…

You can get it from Anthropologie for $200 a roll, so I would suggest using it in a small space….


From lostindecoration.tumblr.com

So cute for a little girl’s room…

Wallpaper is a great source for an accent wall, I think it just important that it be neutral colour! Unless you are trying make a dramatic statement…

Natalie from Beach House in the City uses lots of wallpaper!! You guys should check out Beach House in the City and see the Before & After photos. Although she has more modern taste than myself, I think she does an incredible job transforming her home!! Once you are on her site click on “Our House”



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