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Future Basement Ideas

Adam has been working on our basement for a little while now. So far the framing & electrical is done and we are almost at the drywall stage. For the colour scheme I am thinking Grey, White & Navy. This is clearly going to be Adam’s “Man Cave” since he has worked so hard… But I would like it to transition from the rest of the house still 🙂 We are going to incorporate a variety of Adam’s hockey memorabilia such as his framed draft Jersey (which just of course had the be the Blackhawks with that Bright Red & Black, so not the colour scheme I was thinking about LOL – but that’s okay we will make it work)

There will be the typical Man Cave necessities to make this space as “MANLY” as possible…

  1. Big Screen TV
  2. Hockey Pictures/ Jerseys
  3. Dart Board
  4. Anything that has to do with beer or a some kind of Keg fridge lol

Here is the Basement Inspiration Board I came up with:

We have two older couches downstairs which I will be slip-covering in a beige or off white, so we don’t have to fork out the cash for new ones. Something like below:

I love how in the left hand corner you can see the old sports pictures. I would like to do something like that with two hockey sticks above… We will also be mounting out tv like the one below

LIGHTING: we will be doing pot lights in the drop ceiling however, I love these wall sconces from Restoration Hardware… they give that awesome rustic feel.

Or this light from Home Depot (WAY cheaper) But since we are doing drop ceiling it would have to be on the ceiling above the stairs I think?

Here are some more inspiration pictures for the basement …



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