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I have an old friend that is having a baby girl soon, and she asked if I could share some pictures of Nursery ideas & how I Antique Furniture. This post is all about Inspiration for a baby Nursery 🙂 Because I have been collecting many pictures of baby Nursery’s over the years. I am obsessed with them, they are by far the funnest and cutest room to decorate!! I love when Mommy’s decorate a baby’s room but still make it an adult space. Since the parents will be spending ALOT of time in the space! I think it’s extremely important that the space is comfortable, durable, beautiful and meaningful. The nursery should represent the atmosphere you want to surround your child with…. calming, inspiring & of course loving ♥

Gender Neutral

I think it’s important to keep the bones of your nursery gender neutral even when you know what gender you are having. That way if you have more than one child you can use the same room again by just updating the room with new accessories (this will also be more cost efficient). I love whites, creams and different shades of beige & brown. Having timeless pieces is key, because then the child can grow with them.

Staple items to have in my dream Nursery:

  • Chandelier
  • Comfy Slip-covered Chair or love seat
  • Safe, Beautiful Crib
  • Antique Dressers
  • Wall Mural or Decals
  • Wainscotting

Here are some Shabby Chic Nursery’s that I love….♥♥♥

Now I realize my white Shabby Chic ideas for a Nursery aren’t for everyone… So here are some other ideas for people who love more modern, colourful Nursery’s.


Here is the best of both worlds – Colour & Shabby Chic: Wren’s Nursery from Life in the fun lane: wrens-reno.html. I love the pom pom’s, dark flooring & the adorable old antique armoire.

love this wall decal below… Alphabet tree

Great Stores to start looking for Nursery items:

  • Pottery Barn Kids
  • Ikea
  • Restoration Hardware

Here are my two favorite playroom’s, for when you get past the Nursery stage into the Toddler stage…

Love everything about this… the letters, wainscotting, tent = ADORABLE!!

Does this room not look like so much fun? And SOO comfy?? ♥

GOODLUCK to all you soon to be Mommy’s, you are amazing!!!!! xoxo

PS. My next post will be on how to Antique Furniture 🙂 I just got too excited for this post!


2 thoughts on “Nursery…

  1. Hi there, I love the tree wall decall that is brown with green leaves. Can you tell me where you got this? It is in the room with the white chair with the big brown teddy bear on it.

    1. Hi Angela, sorry I don’t… I have looked for a source but with no luck!! Just one of those pretty pictures from google that unfortunately nobody put a link too 😦

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