I have been on the hunt for different sized old antique letters… I would like them for a few different rooms in my house.

This picture is gorgeous, I love the old vintage letters above the old fireplace mantel that has been turned into a headboard. Such a creative idea. I am trying to find a “A & K” to put in our bedroom.

The below picture is from a blog that I love – mysweetsavannah. This is her little girls room, and I love how she has taken different sized letters and even painted them slightly different colours.


This nursery below is beautiful and is the true since of vintage chic. So cute how they have taken the alphabet to split the room between the two cribs. The soft colours bring everything together.

I have been searching many vintage stores to try and find some letters however, apparently they are quite hard to find. So I have starting searching Etsy.

This etsy store makes them and gives you the option of having them painted or you can paint them yourself. If I do end up getting them from here I will paint them myself.

Etsy Typography Painted Letters

Happy Sunday!! xo



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