Flower Girl

I am lucky enough to have the cutest little niece Ella to be my flower girl! I actually bought her a dress when I was in Florida last March however, since she is growing like a weed it surely is not going to fit her for next summer. So I have been brain storming for other ideas. I am thinking of having her wear a HUGE tutu 🙂 I think she would look absolutely adorable. And I know she would love it since she is a ballerina!

I think I want her to wear a big white tutu, so she will be a miniature bride like me! But I also saw a picture of a little girl wearing a black tutu and that looked adorable as well. And would be fitting since all my bridesmaids are wearing black.

Take a look at the pics below and let me know what you think!

I would also love to find a cute head piece like this…. (she is so freakin adorable)

Here is the tutu in black, so cute!

(all photos from pinterest)


so think about it and let me know your thoughts xo


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