Wedding Decisions…

I have made some decisions on our wedding, which is exciting! I could dream all day about what I want it to look like, but the clock is ticking!

Bridesmaid Dresses

We are going with the Two Birds bridesmaid dresses in Toronto. They are these awesome Multi-wrap dresses that can be worn around 12 different ways. I chose the colour black because I think it is classic and the girls will definitely be able to wear it again.I debated on the colour for a long time… the girls are probably sick of me changing my mind so much! I loved the champagne colour that is in the bottom photos however, it all depends on your skin tone. Unless you have a killer tan it isn’t going to look very good. I think black compliments everyone no matter their skin tone, and everyone needs a little black dress 🙂

Here are a few photos of the dresses….


Here are a few more photos of them in different colours (from google)

Now on to the flowers!

I am meeting with a florist that I have been researching and watching for a few months now. Since our wedding is in Niagara at a winery I had to do most of my research online. The name of the florist is Mimosa Flower Studios, they do amazing work. I have been following their blog for awhile now and I am always so excited when I see they have done a wedding at our venue.

Here are a few photos from their website of the types of flowers I would like to use in our wedding…

Don’t you love the birch bark? that is my favorite….

I love the little centre pieces… She uses the most beautiful colours.

This is actually a picture from the winery we are having our reception at. It is a big old barn so the inside is all wood. The florist put all these  branches along the back wall behind the head table with little tea lights which I think is so simple and unique! what a great backdrop.

That’s enough of a sneak peak for today 🙂



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